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We offer innovation services to disruptive firms and digital native entrepreneurs and professionals. We help our clients to improve their strategies and processes and to make them sustainable. We empower their key departments, top executives and managers so that they can achieve targets and goals. We can show you that we have an innovative multidisciplinary and intelligent method of work.

Business today is increasingly exposed to new and challenging responsibilities and commitments with the environment and the community. We team with our clients to create and apply  innovative and sustainable strategies and processes. Our goal is to enable startups, firms and professionals to grow and success. We enhance the potential of disruptive digital natives that want to embrace innovative, creative and cooperative models with high positive social impact.

Disruptive firms and digital native professionals can hire our Innovation Consulting Services.

  • We create external processes departments in our office.
  • We help disruptive firms to create new and innovative processes initiatives.
  • We select young talented professionals in different fields according to the needs and the challenges faced by our customers.
  • We train talented people using our 3×3.Hub Circular Model to improve revenues and sales, and to increase and develop new opportunities for continuos growth.
  • We set creative challenges to our clients.

3×3.Hub Circular Model

To give life to new ideas and being innovative is of key relevance today. Disruptive firms and digital native professionals are always in search for that.
That is why we have developed and we introduce to you our intelligent and 3×3.Hub Circular Model.
It is a circular system of help that takes place in a team of 3 people from 3 different fields, that cooperates side by side in order to achieve given goals.
In 3 months the 3 members of the team will try to find an equilibrium between happiness and freedom . They will enjoy working in a circular way.
The model tries to promote and profit from the uniqueness and the power of teamwork that is generated by circular cooperation between those 3 people that pursue the same objectives during those 3 months.
Firms and professionals can hire our services to improve the quality and effectiveness of their processes departament so that they can increase opportunities of old and new products and services.
We call it 3×3.Hub Circular Model.
It is a circular model that seeks to activate the talent of 3 people, that help and fuel their capabilities one another.

How we do it? First we assess which are the needs of our client. Then we choose 3 members of our staff that will be responsible to meet the goals of our client.
We constantly train (our clients or ourselves or our staff) with the circular method inside processes departament. We design and suggest strategies and we do it in disruptive ways.

Team and roles
3 talented specialists in 3 different disciplines.
3 months duration of each stage.
3 goals (from general ones to specific ones).

Our constant challenge is to surprise our clients with creative, cooperative and circular ideas.

Disruptive and Innovative


We use our talents and capabilities to create something unique and exclusive to do something good to someone.
Professionals sometimes try to overcome challenges through old recipes or making up their old strategies in order to show them as innovative to their clientes. But they rarely think or behave disruptive.
However, not only professionals face this challenge. Firms also confront the same questions, and they have to overcome the same obstacles to make their products and services to go into the market successfully.
Our practice is, in some sense, to take an X-Ray of the brain (an in-depth analysis) the processes departament . The goal is to inspire our work and use the best ideas and best practices we could identify outside the working teams we create, and integrate them with the ideas that arise from the interaction between our customers and from each multidisciplinary working team.
We outline strategies, using up to the line practices and soft and hard technology in order to reach and obtain new processes and increase oportunity.
With our 3×3.Hub Circular Model, during the 3 months we pursue 3 goals, one of them could be a commercial one, but the others could be of a different nature. It could happen that our customers have already identify the problems that are preventing their processes to grow or it might happen that we change them or simple that we have to identify them. At the end of our practice we want to make our customers happier, increasing their oportunities.
Many times the solutions are available very close to us. But if we do not go outside the ours companies we will never find them.
We invite you to discover, Disruption Studio.

Circular and Sustainable

Strategies and Processes

Our customers are entrepreneurs and businesspeople, digital and disruptive natives of today.  We work with CEOs, managers, employees, technicians, researchers, creators, designers, architects, photographers, and diplomats.

Innovation Consulting Services
What do customers ask Disruption Studio for?

Our innovation services allow our customers to improve their process and strategies integrating their key people or departments. We make them to think in disruptive and innovative ways with our 3×3.Hub Circular Model.

Our services are for dynamic and disruptive entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, managers, and teams. Companies need innovative thinking, processes, products and services. During a three day, three week or three months agenda, we share good moments while we create and design new and disruptive growth strategies and processes.

During mornings, afternoons and evenings without stress, among other activities and services:

  • We work hard side by side with our clients, designing, developing and implementing new and innovative processes and growth strategies.
  • We arrange and coach working desks with pre stablished tasks and schedules.
  • We arrange innovative working desks without agenda, thought to be creative and inspiring.
  • We organize meetings and courses in different fields of interest and specialization (tech, design, innovation, management and others).
  • We back and assist our customers with pitches and presentations in events and meetings.
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