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Interior Designer.

Who Am I?

Susana Sosa

I am an interior designer. I was born in Paysandú, Uruguay, on July 23rd 1968.  After high school I took a course to become a commercial assistant, but my need to progress and my desire of personal growth made me move to Montevideo (the capital city of Uruguay).

More about me

My Background

There I began to study Management and Business Administration at Universidad Ort.  And after that I made my first steps in the design sector. In 1995 I married with a lawyer with whom I had four beautiful children. During some years, while we lived in Carrasco, Montevideo, I devoted myself to them. But then, as we seek to improve our quality of life and welfare, we decided to move to Punta del Este. We established in a wonderful farm we fell in love with that we bought to Federico Alvarés del Castillo, CEO of the famous clothing brand “Etiqueta Negra”.  We live surrounded by nature, close to the farms of Giuseppe Cipriani and Canton. It was there where I began to integrate my love for art and design with my sense of good taste and I decided to use my talent and inspiration to develop my own projects.


I began working with Aroon Hojman, in his emblematic “Trading Post” in Punta del Este’s Barra, with his antiques and other typical objects of the region. I continued to gain experience working a decade long with my mentor, Joseane Stumer, at Occidente Studio. There I got in touch with international design branches from Italy, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.  I discovered and developed quality products. I experimented with colours, textures and natural fabrics with great designers: Arthur Casas, Marcio Kogan, Federico Churba, Heloisa Crocco, Ilse Lang, Jader de Almeida, Marcel Wanders, Paulo Alves, Sergio Rodrigues, Ron Arad,  and others.


Through “Punta del Este al día” and “Semanario Realidad” I generate content for magazines and blogs, with the latest news and trends from exhibitions and fairs in Milano, Paris, São Paulo, and other design capitals in Europe.


I have a marked vocation for innovation and customer service.  I always try to capture the essence of each client. I love to discover new trends, textures, colours and merge and amalgamate them in an appropriate framework to dazzle customers with them. 


I love what I do, and I enjoy working with every client. I put all the passion it takes to advise them from the very beginning to the end of each project.


Work Experience

I am Regina Sujovirsky Depetris. As a specialist in Communication and Bioeconomy I have participated in several research and development projects both in private and public firms and institutions. 

During the last nine years, I have led multidisciplinary teams, giving advice in different fields like brand and commercial image, strategic and intelligent communication, facing great challenges in innovation and creativity. I have helped to design and apply policies to improve the daily business environment of men and women that work in different contexts and different types of firms. And I have also contributed to detect opportunities to improve the reputation of the firms and professionals I have adviced. My cards are diplomacy, good interpersonal communication, empathy, sympathy, responsibility and a constant pursue of sustainability.

In 2014 I won the Prize Banco de Galicia to the Best Journalist “La Nueva Sangre del Periodismo Agropecuario” (the New Blood of Agricultural Journalism”). As a tech entrepreneur, in 2010, I founded, the first and one of the most successful online news and consultancy services to the rice chain in Argentina and Latin America. I have learnt to capture, day by day, the needs and worries of my clients. Always with high professional standards, being creative, productive, curious, honest, demanding, resilient and altruist.
People who know me say that I also have a global and integral perspective.
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About me

My Interests

My clients are firms, politicians and professionals of different fields. Among them I can mention: [email protected] Económicas (2017/19) and LLyC – Argentina (2019). Through my firm in Argentina, Desarrolladora de Proyectos, I connect investors, entrepreneurs and firms to develop new and innovative projects and businesses in fields like urbanism and architecture, interior design and economics.


I began my professional formation in Business, Agro-Industry and Logistics in Bolsa de Comercio de Rosario (2008) and as a columnist in Punto Biz, a business magazine.


Between 2017 and 2018 I was a researcher in product innovation at the Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación Productiva de la Argentina (Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina) and I collaborated with the course “Introducción a la Bioeconomía Argentina”.
I am coauthor of the book “Los primeros 125 años del Banco de la Nación Argentina”, (2016).

This project began

My life project

This project began on 06/17/1987, the date I was born. I am Regina Sujovirsky. But many know me as Regina Depetris, my mother ́s surname. I was the daughter of Liliana Celia Depetris, an artist, well known in Europe and in Argentina, specially in the Argentine Mesopotamia (Litoral argentino) in the 70 ́s.
Regina (alias Reina) connects hope and faith showing the world that it is always possible to move forward if you have clear objectives and the head up high. Life is a constant training.
While travelling around the world doing business, we need to give us time to indulge and to feel that we are alive. She believes that “the best investment is to invest in memories”.
Reina learns from the needs of her clients and she continues to do so every time she encounters a client with different needs or requirements.
Her grandmother, Julia Celia Palma alias “Chela” (deceased) was her mentor since she was 7 years old, the day Reina saw her brother Nicolás died (when he was 4 years old). It was a critical moment of her early life. It was a hot iron mark in her character and it was the episode that forged her strength and determination.
Prematurely she became addicted to some 20th century European authors, her favorite of those times was the Swiss-German author Hermann Hesse, who has an immense talent to tell labyrinthic stories. Books were her best friends, she loved dictionaries and encyclopedias and collections of synonyms and antonyms. The artwork shop of her mother was the place where she got interested in art and design. Without any doubt, that was the best place to acquire positive and creative thoughts.

During her adolescence she experienced some episodes of physical violence and after the death of her mother (when she was 22) she apparently got sick of fibromyalgia (intense pain without known cure). Three years ago, the highly-accomplished and recognized medical doctor Roberto Reussi confirmed that she has this illness, of which medicine has very restricted knowledge. Recently the pop singer Lady Gaga told that she suffers from fibromyalgia. It is estimated that between 2% and 6% of global population suffer from it and it is not a product of imagination.

These blows of life make her to be extremely self-demanding, and her desire to excel is the hallmark she communicates to everyone that knows Regina.
Her friends are her family. Her personality is appreciated and respected as she is sincere and authentic, transparent, convincing, and spontaneous. These features of her personality allow her to connect with her customers and transmit them her love and passion for work and human relations. She thinks that we should let ourselves go if we want to feel free and connect with other people that feel the same.


This approach is mind expanding and it is a solid foundation to make happy and free deals, allowing creativity and intelligence to arise in every project. Her product is Intelligent Strategic Communication.

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