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Disruption Studio has two premises in two different Countries and with style totally different: Spain and Uruguay.


Disruption Studio WE3S Office: +34 931891731
Street Llull 47 Floor 4-3 Postal Code 08005 Barcelona – Spain

REGINA Sujovirsky Depetris (Nickname: Reina)
Languages: Spanish, English & Italian
Founder and CEO. Spain
Sales and Clients.

We are located in Calle de Llull, 47, at the heart of Distrito Sant Martì, the neighbourhood of knowledge and technology in Barcelona. This district together with [email protected] and Poblenou constitute the most preferred location in the city as long as they form the Knowledge Clúster. They concentrate more than 1,500 firms in the fields of media, communication, information technology (IT), design, research and energy. It is also considered the heart of the Network ecosystem.
It is very well communicated to other key technological, research and design sites. We are at 8 minutes by walk to the Communication Campus of Universidad Pompeu Fabra and the Escuela de Diseño BAU. We are at the center of the business district and not more than 10 minutes away from the most urban and tourist zones of Barcelona: Marina, 4 minutes by walk and Bogatell, 2 minutes by walk.

Punta del Este


Pabellon Market
Street 10 Altos de Punta Piedras Postal Code 20002 Punta Del Este – Uruguay
SUSANA Sosa (Nickname: Su)
Languages: Spanish & English
Executive Manager. Uruguay
Interior Design

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