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IDEAS Kitchen

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IDEAS Kitchen

New space

A new innovative space has born in Barcelona.

In our Disruption Studio, in 175 m2, we created a mentorship space, where leisure and networking play a central role. We named it “Ideas Kitchen”. We feel the passion to cook, create and cooperate with startups so that their business projects become a reality.

¿What is the Ideas Kitchen?

¿What do we seek with this experience?

Our IDEAS Kitchen is a space within Disruption Studio where we share the experience of Cooking Ideas (while we cook our meal), designing new startups projects and doing business.

The IDEAS Kitchen is the coexistence of ideas, creativity, human beings (their feelings and experiences) and food.

Cooking is the most genuine way to share, meet and celebrate life. While we enjoy food, enhancing our senses, we share experiences and develop synergies. It is a perfect combination that allows us to create and give life to new ideas with freedom in our ideas kitchen.

Our main goal is to have fun while we do business.

Our philosophy is impregnated with the values and learnings that we have collected in experiences based in human relationships and health.
The IDEAS Kitchen is an open space for creativity, for new IDEAS, for startups and business.

¿Do you want to experience our Ideas Kitchen?
Ask for our prices, make a reservation and have fun.

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